Celine Dion proved to be the consummate professional when a boundary-pushing fan who had apparently had way too much to drink joined the Quebec-born chanteuse onstage during a Las Vegas performance and proceeded to derail the show with some wildly inappropriate behaviour.

In the video, the woman hauls herself onstage, and as Dion tells her how glad she is that the woman “just wanted to come closer to me,” she proceeds to engulf the singer in an embrace, wrapping her leg around Dion’s body while the star’s jaw literally drops in shock.

Things take a very weird turn when the woman then starts thrusting her pelvis at Dion, much like an ill-trained dog, with Dion trying to defuse things by jokingly singing Barney the dinosaur’s “I love you, you love me” song.

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As members of the security team attempt to gently guide her offstage, the woman becomes belligerent, refusing to leave the stage, leading Dion to ask security to step back while she takes control of the situation.

Finally, Dion is able to convince the woman to leave the stage, at which point she mock-collapses in a heap, taking what could have been a tense, ugly moment and turning it into something gentle and amusing.

You can watch the entire weird encounter take place in the video above.

Meanwhile, in a hopefully unrelated announcement, Caesars Palace has revealed that Dion is cancelling several performances, and won’t be performing on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

“We regret to inform you that tonight’s performance (Tuesday, January 9) of “Celine” at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace has been cancelled,” reads the statement. “Celine is recovering from inflammation of the throat that she experienced earlier in the week.  Her doctor has instructed her to take one more day of rest in order to fully recover.”

Dion is expected to resume performing on Friday, Jan. 12.

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