In a recent interview, Rachel McAdams kinda sorta opened up about rampant rumours she’s dating True Detective co-star Taylor Kitsch, not saying she is but not really saying she isn’t either.

Rachel also spoke with ET Canada’s Matte Babel while promoting Southpaw and, once again, neither confirmed nor denied she was dating her co-star and fellow Canadian, but admitted that “it’s always nice to have someone from home… he’s from the west coast so it’s a little bit different, but he’s still Canadian… we talk about hockey.”;

However, a series of new photos on website Dish Nation will certainly fuel those dating rumours, capturing Rachel and Taylor having brunch together while both sport “bedhead.”;

In addition, Dish Nation also reports an eyewitness (who chooses to remain anonymous) who claims the pair were “definitely canoodling.”;

“They were laughing, touching, staring into each other’s eyes,”; claims the witness, “but not holding hands.”;

Coupling confirmed? Not exactly, but file under “Things That Make Us Say Hmmmm…”;