The cast of “Schitt’s Creek” returns for season four of the hit Canadian series, promising plenty of new adventures for the Rose family that are sure to keep the series’ real-life celeb fans like Jennifer Lawrence, Elton John and Angelica Huston happy.

“There’s a lot of question marks, there’s a lot of love in the air… everything is answered in season four,” Dan Levy says during a visit to ET Canada’s studio, along with co-stars Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy and dad Eugene Levy, ahead of the season premiere. “David ended season three with a kiss he wins for once, and so, season four sees David taking some baby steps into a relationship that could have some meaning for him. He’s never really been there before so this is new for him and he doesn’t really handle it quite well. It’s a bumpy ride but hopefully it will be an enjoyable one.”

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There’s also some changes ahead for his on-screen sister, Alexis. “Alexis at the age of 30, after obtaining her high school diploma, is going to pursue even higher education maybe,” Murphy teases.

For the younger Levy, he hopes viewers are able to find some truth in the comedy.

“All we try to do is tell truthful stories about people and if we can connect with people out there who are going through similar situations or families who are able to look at the Roses who are a very accepting family of their son’s sexuality,” he says. “All we can hope to do is lead by example.”

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The new season should keep the show’s celeb fans hooked.

“Angelica Huston just came out to talk to The Hollywood Reporter and they asked her what her fave show of the moment was and she mentioned us,” Levy says.

“I saw her at a dinner party a week before that and she went on and on about every episode and all the characters and scenes,” O’Hara says, adding, “I’m shocked whenever someone talks to me about the show.”

O’Hara was surprised to discover Jennifer Lawrence was a big fan of “Schitt’s Creek” when the actress approached her, saying, “I effing love you. I love that show.”

Levy says the humour of “Schitt’s Creek” is all part of the appeal for celebs and non-celebs alike: “The minute you take yourself too seriously is the minute you lose and the bottom falls out. You have to have some fun.”