Liam Neeson And Patrick Wilson Answer The Internet’s Most-Searched Questions About Themselves

Liam Neeson is co-starring with Patrick Wilson in the new conspiracy thriller “The Commuter”, and the “Taken” star proved to be adept at a particular set of skills when it comes to answering questions about himself and his co-star, as logged by Internet searches.

In this hilarious video (above, courtesy of Wired), the actors do their best to answer the most-searched questions about them, yielding some surprising results.

For example, Internet searches wanted to know info about the character that Wilson played in “Ant-Man” — a swing and a miss, as Wilson didn’t actually appear in “Ant-Man”.

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Fans also wanted to know if Wilson was related to “Arrested Development” star Will Arnett (he isn’t), and if Neeson voiced Buzz Lightyear in “Toy Story” (nope, that would be Tim Allen).

Check out the above video to find out more (or possibly less) than you ever realized about the stars of “The Commuter”, which hits theatres on Jan. 12.

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