While female-driven productions seem to be taking over the box office and our television screens, the number of women behind the camera reportedly hasn’t actually changed in almost 20 years.

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With hit films like “Wonder Woman” and “Lady Bird” and acclaimed shows like “The Handmaids Tale” one would think that number has increased by now, but according to the annual document by the San Diego State’s Center and their Study of Women in Television and Film, the number of women working as directors, cinematographers, producers and writers has only slightly risen in two decades.

Dr. Martha M. Lauzen, the study’s director, found that in 2017 women only took up 18 per cent of the directors, writers and producers. So 2017’s numbers have only increased by 1 per cent since 1998.

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“On films with at least one female director, women comprised 68 per cent of writers,” Lauzen said in the study. “On films with exclusively male directors, women accounted for 8 per cent of writers.”

Read more of Lauzen’s study here.

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