YouTubers Receive Backlash After Posting Video Pretending To Abduct A Child In Japan

YouTube stars Nick Joseph and Dan Rue have caused outrage after posting a video which shows them pretending to kidnap a child.

In the video, originally posted in September and resurfaced in December, the pair are seen dancing through the streets of Japan before Rue grabs a young girl and starts running away with her.

Joseph, behind the camera, yells “Jackie [Chan] will find you!”

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The video was posted to Rue’s Twitter account with the caption, “I found the girl from ‘Rush Hour’.”

Many of their followers found their antics “disgusting:”

Rue has since taken to Twitter to claim that the stunt “was staged with the family,” and that the girl is “clearly laughing.”

“We had to edit her laugh out the end when we PRETENDED to take her,” Rue said. “That’s all I’m saying… have a blessed day. Don’t have time to argue it’s clearly a definitive conversation.”

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This isn’t the first time a YouTuber has raised eyebrows posting a video from Japan of late. Last week Logan Paul created a controversy after posting a distasteful video filmed in the country’s “suicide forest.”

YouTube issued a statement regarding Paul’s video posting on Tuesday.



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