Sangita’s Summer Fit Series: SouthBrawl Workout

Inspired by the movie “Southpaw”;, the new Southbrawl Workout at Think Fitness Studios takes the key elements and demands of the sport of boxing to get people “boxer fit”; in just 6 weeks!

With the training requirements for Jake Gyllenhaal’s role you can see why boxers are deemed some of the fittest athletes on the planet.  The sport itself requires not only a high level of endurance and stamina, but also tremendous strength, agility, power, coordination and the physical and mental tenacity to give and take hits repeatedly. Plus, who doesn’t want this physique?!


Southpaw Movie

The Workout:

Not for the occasional exerciser, the full program is 6 weeks, 6 days/week with a progressive focus on skill development, strength, speed & precision, hand-eye coordination and power. To maximize performance results and physique transformation, nutritional guidance and supplement recommendations are provided for the 6 weeks. The following resembles one of the fundamental workouts in this program.  Complete these 4 exercises in a row then take a 1-2min rest.  Repeat the entire sequence for 3-4 rounds.

The Exercises:

Cross Punch Reaction Drill – A series of 8 Fitlights are set up within striking distance. Begin in ideal boxing form with quick punches to the center inbetween punching in cross format to hit the illuminated lights. When you see a light flash, cross punch to shut the light off. Using your peripheral view, stay alert to flashing lights. Repeat for the full 2-min sequence.

Note: If you do not have Fitlights™ , place numbered markers on a wall and have a partner call out random numbers.

Landmine Sit Ups – Anchor an Olympic barbell using a landmine in the corner of the room. Add weight to the barbell (approximately 10 – 25 lb). Starting in a lying down position, feet towards anchor point with the end of the barbell in both hands. Engage your core and quickly sit up while driving the bar away from your body with both hands. Before reaching full-arm extension, drop your left hand and drive through with your right arm. Repeat for 10 reps driving with the right arm then 10 with the left.

Jab Counter Combo – Starting in orthodox stance (left foot forward, right foot back) , keep both hands up ready to punch. Throw a quick left jab, follow with a straight right, a left hook and then finish with a strong straight right. Repeat combo for 20 reps then switch to southpaw stance (right foot forward, left foot back) to repeat.

Boxing Push Ups- In a push-up position with feet wider than shoulder width, lower your body right to the ground. Quickly push up out of the bottom position while bringing your right hand to touch your left knee. Immediately return your left foot back to the ground, while punching straight ahead with your right hand. Hold the punch for one second. Repeat sequence for 10 reps, switch punching arm for another 10 reps.

– Brent Bishop is a celebrity trainer, on-air fitness expert, published author and founder of Think Fitness Studios

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