Peter And Stewie Griffin From ‘Family Guy’ Appear On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

“Family Guy” is celebrating its 300th episode with a very special TV interview.

Peter and Stewie Griffin, the cartoon stars of the long-running series appeared in all their animated glory for an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday night.

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Seated with the audience, Peter and Stewie were asked about having almost half the number of episodes as “The Simpsons”.

“Okay, listen, I’m sorry they didn’t ask you back to host the Oscars again,” Stewie responded, offended by the question. “Ask Seth MacFarlane. They literally never have a host back a second time.”

“Actually they did ask me back to host a second time,” Kimmel said.

“Oh, well, God bless you,” Stewie replied.

MacFarlane, who hosted the Oscars in 2013, is also the creator of “Family Guy” and voice of both Peter and Stewie.

Peter and Stewie also made fun of Kimmel for having the initials “J.K.”, as in, “just kidding.”

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Asked what they have in store for the big 300th episode, Peter said, “It’s something with the dog and the baby, I don’t know.”



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