Danielle Brooks loves her curves and she wants you to love yours, too!

Or, if you don’t have any curves, she wants you to love whatever shape you are. The actress, who plays Taystee on “Orange is The New Black”;, is using her Instagram account and the hashtag #LoveYourShape to encourage her more than one million followers to love the skin they’re in.

“Being a curvy voluptuous woman, I get  a lot of young women who see themselves in me.”; And what Brooks is hoping those young women see, is unapologetic confidence. “And not in a cocky way,”; she adds. “But in a way of knowing I exist and I should exist in this business just the way I am. Every curve on my body, the melanin in my skin and every curl in my head.”;

The #LoveYourShape campaign isn’t the first time Brooks has used social media to encourage body acceptance. The actress previously paired with plus-sized retailer Lane Bryant and their #ImNoAngel movement aimed at offering an alternative viewpoint as to what constitutes sexy.

“The thing that the media puts out and feeds us constantly of how we should want to dress and how we should feel about ourselves,”; says the actress. “Every magazine you read that’s what you’re being fed. That’s just wrong.”;

Brooks is currently shooting season four of “Orange is The New Black”;.