Volkswagen Teams Up With Musicians For Its Latest Campaign

What do you get when you partner a Beetle and a musician, Volkswagen’s latest Canadian campaign.

Jann Arden is just one of the stars who will recount personal memories of the legendary Beetle in VW’s attempt at connecting the brand and consumers on a more personal level.

Johnny Reid and Mother Mother are also set to appear in the commercials and have been described as “social beacons,” who are both authentic and influential in promoting the branded content.

VW Canada’s brand manager, Lynne Piette said “Beetle has a long history of being associated with music,”; admitting that it was never planned “it just came to be an integral part of our culture.”

The “Beetle Road Series”; was created by Rise Brand Entertainment, a creative division of Universal Music, the whole series is aimed at pairing the brand’s followers with the chosen musicians’ fan base and therefore creating an even bigger following for VW.




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