Liam Payne Reveals Moment He Came Across Man Using His Photo On Tinder

Liam Payne may be a global popstar, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to get away with using his photographs on dating sites, it seems.

Payne, 24, chatted with Nick Grimshaw on the “Radio 1 Breakfast Show” Friday morning, where he spoke about the moment he came across a very familiar face on Tinder, after receiving a tip-off on Twitter.

The One Direction star, who has been busy promoting the “Fifty Shades Freed” single “For You” alongside Rita Ora, said somebody had been using one of his old Facebook pics to pose as him on the dating app.

Payne shared, “It’s quite nice to be Tinder-able,” he joked saying the guy in question must have thought he’d grown old ugly because he avoided all the newer snaps.

Grimshaw insisted: “If you’re gonna try and be anyone don’t pretend to be an international popstar.”

During his appearance on the show, Payne was also asked about his Valentine’s Day plans with girlfriend Cheryl Cole, to which he replied: “I celebrate it every day. Just ask my missus!”

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He then went on to admit that he’s used to being the talkative one in interviews because that was his role back in the 1D days.

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Payne explained, “I was the guy for the job. I was the talky guy. I feel like it was nice to be Zayn sometimes. He just came in and he wasn’t expected to say very much, unless prompted to do so.”

Watch the singer talk to ET Canada about being a father to baby Bear in the clip below:



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