Mel Gibson’s Ex Alleges Domestic Violence Left Her Suffering From PTSD

The love may be lost, but the lawsuits linger on for Mel Gibson and ex-lover Oksana Grigorieva, who alleges in new legal documents that the domestic violence she endured while they were together has left her with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and may have contributed to the growth of a tumour.

In legal documents obtained by The Blast, Grigorieva, 47, alleges she is suffering from PTSD “due to domestic violence and the protracted, expensive and difficult paternity battle she had to endure.”

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Gibson, 62, and Grigorieva share a daughter from their brief (2007-2010) but tumultuous relationship, which was plagued by allegations she was physically assaulted by Gibson in 2010 (the actor/director was charged with misdemeanour battery, and cut a plea deal the following year). In 2011, Grigorieva sued Gibson for $15 million, but ultimately settled for $750,000.

In her new suit, Grigorieva also alleges that the “stresses” from her legal battle with Gibson caused her to develop a pituitary adenoma, a slow-growing tumour in her pituitary gland.

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“As a result of the stresses of litigation and bankruptcy, I was recently diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma and will need to go through treatments in the near future, with increased medical bills.”

According to The Blast, Grigorieva’s latest court filing is “part of her ongoing legal battle with a forensic accounting firm” that claims she owes them $108,000 for work done during her paternity fight with Gibson.

In her court filing, Grigorieva claims that if the accounting firm were to take the money from the settlement she received, it “could possibly result in a reduction of my child support and negatively affect the health and well being of my daughter.”

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