An interviewer found out the hard way what happens when you wear another band’s t-shirt to a KISS interview.

A video of a 2012 interview where KISS asks a reporter to remove his Iron Maiden t-shirt to continue the interview with the band has resurfaced online and has since gone viral.

Not wanting to look like a fanboy, the interviewer in question, Gustavo, showed up to chat with the band on their joint tour with Motley Crue. Paul Stanley and co. weren’t having any of it.

“Gustavo, I have a question to ask. KISS is K-I-S-S. This does not spell KISS, Gustavo,” singer Stanley says, addressing the offending t-shirt. “You made a big mistake.”

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Turns out, Gustavo knew exactly what he was doing when he dressed for the interview, responding, “Honestly, I picked this t-shirt specially to do the interview with you guys. It’s not cool to wear a KISS t-shirt doing a KISS interview.”

Gene Simmons and the rest of the band chime in on Gustavo’s shirt: “That’s not gonna happen, I don’t want him wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt. How about an Iron Maiden interview and we wear KISS t-shirts? Is that okay?” Simmons taunts. “You don’t understand… well, you can put it on backwards. Just put it backwards. You can put it on backwards,” he says, forcing Gustavo to remove his shirt while the cameras keep rolling.

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Looking visibly upset, Stanley taps Gustavo on the forehead. “Gustavo is very smart,” he says. “How do I get a KISS T-shirt for free? You show up with the wrong T-shirt.”

Gustavo regains his composure and asks, “Do you guys want every journalist wearing KISS t-shirts while doing KISS interviews?”

“I don’t want them wearing other t-shirts,” Stanley answers. “We love [Iron Maiden’s] Steve [Harris], we love Bruce [Dickinson], we love Nicko [McBrain]. We love them all, but you’re at a KISS concert. It doesn’t show respect. You’re in our house.”

Drummer Eric Singer, who had been quiet up to this point in the interview, chimes in, adding, “If you went to a Raiders game, you wouldn’t wear the other team’s jersey.”

After an edit in the video, the band offers Gustavo his very own KISS t-shirt.