Case Dismissed Against Howard K. Stern For 2nd Time In Anna Nicole Smith OD Trial

For the second time, the case against Anna Nicole Smith’s lawyer Howard K. Stern has been thrown out of court, with the judge declaring there was no point in moving forward with the case that has dragged on for years.

Today, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Robert Perry dismissed the case after lawyers for Stern (not to be confused with America’s Got Talent judge and radio superstar Howard Stern) argued the evidence presented at trial didn’t support conviction, reports Associated Press.

Stern, former boyfriend and lawyer of model/actress Anna Nicole Smith, was convicted in 2010 on two counts of conspiracy “for using a false name and misrepresentation on prescriptions for a variety of medications”; that he provided to Smith, who died of an accidental drug overdose in 2007. A judge later dismissed those charges, leading prosecutors to launch an appeal that resulted in Stern being retried on the same charges.

Stern would have faced a maximum of three years in the slammer had he been convicted.

In his ruling, Judge Perry exclaimed that “this case reeks of unfairness,”; adding that he believed prosecutors “seemed to be unfairly targeting Stern because he was a public figure”; and noting that the trial had already cost taxpayers in excess of a half-million dollars.




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