Hugh Grant Says Robert Downey Jr. ‘Wanted To Kill Me’, Stars Bury The Hatchet

Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Grant are making up.

The two talented actors put an end to a decades-long feud in the most 21st century way possible, on Twitter.

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The pleasant exchange occurred several hours after People published an interview in which Grant revealed Downey Jr. despised him. “He hated me,” Grant said of his 1995 “Restoration” co-star. “He took one look at me and wanted to kill me.”

“Iron Man” star Downey Jr. tweeted at Grant on Thursday, offering to bury the hatchet. “A lot has happened over two decades! I respect how Mr. Grant has matured as an artist and voice against violations of privacy,” said the “Avengers” star. “Let’s break bread together soon.”

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And Grant was more than willing to make amends.  “If you’re in London come by and break bread,” Grant told Downey Jr. “Won’t be easy as my 5-year-old bakes it, but you seem strong.”

Clearly, their feud did not impact the success of “Restoration”, which went on to win two Academy Awards.

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