‘Modern Family’ Co-Creator Says ‘Our Plan Is To End It At 10’ Seasons

The end of “Modern Family” is likely near.

Co-creators Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd — no, not “Doc” Brown — were very candid when addressing the conclusion of their long-running hit television series, in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

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“Our plan is to end it at ten [seasons],” Levitan said. “If we can leave with most of our audience wanting more, I think that’s the right way to do it.” Levitan admitted the decision was not set in stone, but said, “I just can’t imagine that we’d go past that.”

Lloyd compared the eventual conclusion to “Modern Family” with his time as a writer and executive producer for “Fraser”. “We went through these questions on ‘Frasier’, when we brought that around after 11 seasons and sort of said, ‘Well, the Shakespearean route on that is a birth, a death or a wedding,'” said Lloyd. “And we managed to effectively do all three in the final episode.”

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Adding, “So it may be some conversation that starts there, but we haven’t figured out the episode we’re doing three weeks from now. It’s just a little over a year and a half from now. We’ve got time to think about that.”

“Modern Family” is about to celebrate it’s 200th episode on Wednesday and is currently airing season nine.

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