Donald Sutherland has slammed claims suggesting his sex scene with Julie Christie in the 1973 horror film “Don’t Look Now” was real.

Sutherland, 82, discussed the controversial moment, which has had people talking for years, while speaking at the New York premiere of his new movie “The Leisure Seeker”.

The Canadian-born actor told the New York Timeswhen asked about the people who believe he was actually making love to Christie in the flick: “They’re idiots.

“There were two cameramen in there. The takes were 15 seconds long, maximum. ‘All right, Julie, hold your head. Okay, turn your head a little to the side, Okay, Donald, all right Julie, (climax).’”

The star admitted he loved the scene in the movie because it “reminded you of making love.”

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Christie, 77, previously mentioned director Nicolas Roeg had “managed to get the extraordinary thing that happens when you are making love,” admitting on a documentary: “I loved the squirming bits and all those things you don’t see.”

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The scene was entirely removed by the BBC when “Don’t Look Now” first aired on British television, with Christie’s then-boyfriend Warren Beatty also reportedly demanding the moment be cut from the flick.

Sutherland is currently starring alongside Helen Mirren in “The Leisure Seeker”, which tells the tale of a married couple who embark on a road trip before his Alzheimer’s and her cancer catch up with them. See more about the film in the clip below: