Earlier this month actress Cobie Smulders took the expression “Break a leg”; to a whole new level, when the Vancouver nativedid just that days before filming the HBO biopic Confirmation. And when ET Canada sat down with Cobie yesterday in LA, she confirmed she’s doing just fine.

“Leg is great. Healing well… I’m getting good on crutches so that’s…a good thing.”;

Thankfully Cobie is keeping busy promoting her new film Unexpected, which tells the story of a high-school teacher (played by Cobie) and an underaged student (played by Gail Bean) who both find themselves unexpectedly expecting.

Cobie tells us, “I was pregnant while we were shooting this film, so it was very real for me”. The 33-year-old is a mother of 2 with husband actor Taran Killam. “The constant juggling act between being a working mother and a mother… I mean having kids is wonderful. It brings you so much joy and so much love and creating your own family is something that’s pretty amazing.”;

Anders Holm plays Cobie’s on-screen husband in the film – and the pair had some real-life advice for their young co-star Gail Bean when it comes to having kids. Anders jokes, “They just change your life forever! And take up all your time! But they smile!”; With Cobie adding, “They’re really cute!”;

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