Everyone has to face their fears at some point.

And Katy Perry is teleporting back to medieval times to face a foe she has resented since childhood. Perry, 33, described a hilarious, yet traumatizing experience at a Medieval Times restaurant.

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“One of my more embarrassing stories I have from childhood that traumatized me is that when I was very young, I went to Medieval Times, and the guy came over to me and he had a ribbon at the end of his joust,” explained the “Swish Swish” singer.

Continuing, “Well, instead of that, I took my dirty napkin that I had been putting all the chicken grease on, and put it on top of the joust. Everyone in the whole arena laughed at me, and I think I was maybe, like, 6 or 7, and now I’m 33, and I’m gonna do it right this time.”

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And so Perry returned to Medieval Times in Dallas, Texas sporting a paper crown in support for the red and yellow knight.

The cherry atop the sundae came at the night’s conclusion, when Perry was announced as the “Queen of Love and Beauty.”