A Real Lady Of ‘GLOW’ Pulls ‘The Bachelor’ Contestant’s Hair And Has Twitter Heated

“The Bachelor” meets the “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” in a wrestling cross-over the likes of which have not been seen since WCW and ECW invaded WWF.

In one of the stranger “Bachelor” dates in recent memory, the reality show’s contestants vied for Arie’s heart with some good old school wrasslin’.

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Preparing the women for their bouts was former “GLOW” wrestler Little Egypt. No, this was not an actress from Alison Brie’s hit Netflix series of the same name, but a real-life bonafide pro-wrestler.

One moment that generated what pro-wrestling fans would call “X-Pac Heat” was when Little Egypt had an instructor yank on contestant Tia’s ponytail. This caused Tia to cry out of anger and sent Twitter into a frenzy.

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“I’m here sitting on my couch ready to fight these old ladies and it wasn’t even my ponytail they pulled,” wrote one Twitter user. “Step the hell off.”

Take a look at more reaction to the moment that had everyone wigging out.

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