Jimmy Fallon channels James Taylor’s 1970 folk ballad  “Fire And Rain” to troll Donald Trump with the appropriately titled “Fire And Fury”.

Spoofing the title of Michael Wolff’s controversial new book about Trump and his dysfunctional White House, a sweater-clad Fallon donned a shaggy wig and goatee as he picked up a guitar for the folk parody, lambasting everything from the president’s shock win that surprised his family to his Twitter and TV habits.

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“I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen fury, I’ve seen White House staff that will have to face a jury,” Fallon sings in the parody that covers Trump’s Big Mac obsession, the fall of Steve Bannon, fake news and Robert Mueller who he wishes would “friggin’ hurry.”

Fallon closes out his song with predictions for the future.

“And this time I’ll be the one who calls Putin, because in 2020, Oprah- Oprah’s gonna win,” he sings. “Thought I’d quote Oprah again, there’s an election coming up in three more years. Vote for Oprah.”