Molly Bloom, the real-life inspiration behind “Molly’s Game” says she was “blown away” by Jessica Chastain’s performance in the film.

“We spent a little time together. She didn’t have much time for prep or research,” Bloom tells ET Canada’s Matte Babel. “I was blown away by her performance by how right it was and how deep and understood I felt by her performance.”

The film, which has racked up critical acclaim and awards buzz, follows Chastain as Bloom and her journey to become the woman behind one of the world’s highest-stakes poker games before the FBI shut her down.

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Now that her story has hit the big screen, Bloom isn’t the only one raving about Chastain’s performance in the drama.

“My friends and family that saw it were just in shock. They were like, ‘she sounds like you. She gets you. It’s like watching you.’ And I think she put her own spin on things too which made it even cooler,” she says.

Someone who might not be as impressed with the film is Tobey Maguire.

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The “Spider-Man” actor was one of Bloom’s many A-list clients for the clandestine poker games. While he’s not directly named in “Molly’s Game”, Michael Cera plays a spoiled young actor based on Bloom’s experiences with Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio.

“You write about a story where Tobey Maguire asks you to bark like a seal for a thousand dollars. Sounds super misogynistic, degrading. Is that an accurate portrayal?” Matte asks.

“That’s an accurate portrayal. And that was an important story for me to tell before we were actively having these conversations. Not because it was him, but because I didn’t do it,” Bloom explains. “I lost the game. I think it’s important to remember you don’t have to do everything that everyone tells you to do. You don’t have to come at it out of fear. If it’s your dignity on the line, choose your dignity.”

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Though Bloom has has many A-list celebrities and high-rolling businessmen at her poker table, she refuses to name names of those who haven’t already been outed in public.

“There are people that have been outed in the public medium. I can mention those names. I can give colour on this world,” she says. “It’s a salacious story on its own. It doesn’t require the celebrity takedown.”

With all that dirt on power players, has blackmail ever crossed Bloom’s mind?

“No. I’ve committed enough federal crimes,” she laughs.