London Zoo Names Baby Okapi After Meghan Markle

Meet Meghan, the London Zoo’s baby okapi.

Zookeepers have named their new addition after Prince Harry’s bride-to-be, Meghan Markle.

Cousin to the giraffe, the adorable little okapi was born to mom Oni in early December. Zoo staff released the first images of the baby this week, christening her Meghan in celebration of the upcoming royal wedding.

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“We’re very pleased with how mother and baby are doing. Oni is being very attentive, making sure she regularly licks her clean and keeping a watchful eye over Meghan as she sleeps,” zookeeper Gemma Metcalf said in a statement.

Native to the Democratic Republic of Congo, okapi are considered an endangered species with an estimated 25,000 remaining in the wild.

“A new birth is always cause for celebration, but Meghan’s important arrival is also a great opportunity to draw attention to the okapi, which is an extremely endangered species,” Metcalf said.

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Prince Harry and his older brother Prince William have worked to protect endangered wildlife, with Will recently speaking out against poachers in Africa.

“The fact that governments are taking the steps they are shows that it’s on the global agenda,” says William in the documentary “The Last Animals”. “People do care, governments do see the seriousness of this problem. But it’s definitely not happening quickly enough. I’d love it to click your fingers and it be like that.”

No word on whether Markle will visit her namesake okapi at the London Zoo.

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