Samantha Bee Goes ‘Full Frontal’ On #MeToo Detractors And Aziz Ansari

Samantha Bee did not hold back during the opening of “Full Frontal” last night.

The comedienne ripped into detractors of the #MeToo movement — both men and women alike.

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“So now that we’re finally listening to women, some people are asking an important question,” the reigning (and only) female late-night talk show host mused. “Should we stop listening to women?” What followed were clips from national news networks and various interviews, which included detractors of the movement — like actor Liam Neeson.

Bee then names the backlash against #MeToo, dubbing it the #YouTooLoud movement. She uses a variety of examples to highlight the attempted take down, including the case of the “Shitty Media Men” list and the recent discussion surrounding “Master Of None” creator and star Aziz Ansari. “The conversation around this article has been tentative, and difficult, largely because a lot of women disagree about it,” Bee pointed out. “And women actually like to be careful with each other’s feelings, except, perhaps, Ashleigh Banfield.”

Ashleigh, a Canadian HLN anchor, went viral this week with her open letter to Katie Way — the author of the original article detailing one anonymous woman’s horrifying date with Ansari — in which she defended the comedian, chalking up the entire experience to “a bad date.”

But Bee wasn’t about to let Banfield — or Ansari — off the hook. “I’m sorry you thought you got to choose what experiences we can share, or how we react to the sh***y ways we’ve been treated. And to men specifically…I’m sorry we tattled about that stuff you did on us, even when it was totally not rape,” she retorted. “[Men], if you say you’re a feminist, then f**k like a feminist. And if you don’t wanna do that, take off your f**cking pin, because we are not your accessories.”


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