Brandi Glanville Lashes Out At Gerard Butler As Actor Reveals Details Of Their Fling: ‘He Can F**k Off’

Gerard Butler laughed off his fling with the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville as he appeared on Wednesday’s “Watch What Happens Live,” but she did not see the funny side.

Butler, 48, was chatting with Andy Cohen, 49, on the show, when the host brought up the fact Glanville, 45, had casually mentioned a few years ago that she’d been romantically linked with the actor.

Butler immediately set the record straight and admitted the pair did have a fling, but he didn’t have a clue who she was.

The comments didn’t go down well at all with Glanville, who lashed out at the star on Twitter.

Glanville’s posts came after Cohen asked Butler, “When you met her, you didn’t know that she was on TV or anything like that?”

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“No idea,” he replied. “It was kind of a crazy time. Anyway, we hung out, we had fun, and then I never saw her again. And then suddenly, I was walking down the street with a director, and these guys from TMZ come running down the street going, ‘Hey, what about you and Brandi Glanville?’ And I’m like, ‘Who’s Brandi Glanville?’ Because I didn’t even know her last name! She got pretty upset.”

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Watch Gerard Butler and his co-star 50 Cent chat to ET Canada about their latest film “Den of Thieves” in the clip below:

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