Jane Fonda And Lily Tomlin Reveal Secrets In Hilarious Game Of ‘Never Have I Ever…’

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin revealed new sides of themselves in an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” Thursday.

Host Andy Cohen had the “Grace & Frankie” stars play a wine-soaked game of ‘Never Have I Ever…’, asking them important questions like, “Never have I ever passed gas in the middle of a scene,” and “Never have I ever hooked up with a fan back in the day”–Fonda drank to that one.

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One revealing moment was when Tomlin admitted to confronting critic John Simon for calling her “horse-faced” in his review of Robert Altman’s classic “Nashville”.

Inspired by a recent appearance by Candice Bergen during which she told him Donald Trump once asked her on a date, Cohen asked Fonda if the current president had ever done that to her.

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Fonda said no, but she did talk about her interaction with Bergen after her big date.

“I said ‘How did it go?'” Fonda recounted. “She said ‘Very short.’ I mean the date was short, not, you know… That probably, too!”

Fonda said that she has met Trump, but that at the time she was married to billionaire media mogul Ted Turner. “Ted Turner has more money than he does,” Tomlin chimed in.

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