Kristen Bell’s Best Musical Moments

Sure, she makes us laugh, but we love hearing the 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards host, Kristen Bell, sing too – so we’ve put together some of her best musical moments.

“One Way Or Another” on “Veronica Mars”

Bell was a fantastic detective on “Veronica Mars”, which ran for three seasons and a movie, but we love that they managed to find a way to have her sing the Blondie classic.

“Fame” on the 2006 Emmys

With “American Idol” at the height of its popularity, the 2006 Emmy Awards featuring ‘Emmy Idol’ with stars performing live and of course, Bell was game to take on a Broadway classic.

“Dr. Long John” in “Burlesque”

It might have slipped your mind that the 2018 SAG Awards host was in this 2010 musical that starred Cher and Christina Aguilera. She certainly held her own with this number.

“Tell Me How Long” in “Chasing Coral”

Bell lent her voice to the soundtrack for the Netflix documentary, “Chasing Coral”, that focuses on the effects of climate change.

Sia’s “Santa’s Coming For Us”

Sure, Bell could have sung this song herself, but it was fun watching her play housewife and lip-sync for Sia’s original Christmas song.

Yeasayer’s “Madder Red”

Back in 2010, the actress also starred in this super weird video for Yeasayer’s song.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard epic home made music videos

Speaking of music videos, we love when Kristen and Dax make their own music videos.

Turning their home movies into a tribute to Toto’s “Africa” and showing their love for “Game Of Thrones” had us laughing out loud.

“Up Where We Belong” with James Corden

This proved that Bell can still sound great dangling on a wire.

Singing all the parts in “Wanna Build A Snowman”

We had to include something from “Frozen”! In the film, Bell only sings as the adult version of Anna, but for this live performance, she took on the child and teenager parts too, and wow.

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