Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Celebrate ‘Breaking Bad’ 10th Anniversary

“Breaking Bad” fans are not the only ones who fondly remember the instantly iconic television show.

Star actors Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranson celebrated the show’s 10th anniversary on Saturday via Twitter.

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“The government shutdown today comes on the 10th anniversary of the premiere of ‘Breaking Bad’, Jan. 20, 2008. Coincidence? Or could Heisenberg have something to do with it? Hmmm?” tweeted Cranston.

Paul, 38, followed up with a tweet of his own. “10 years ago today, Mr. White and Jesse Pinkman decided to start cooking crystal meth,” wrote the actor.

Continuing, “Thank you, Vince [Gilligan] for coming up with this crazy concept. Here’s a quick video of our journeys. Happy 10th anniversary #BreakingBad.”

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Cranston, 61, then posted a tweet that would make Jesse Pinkman proud: “Yo b**tch! I stole your line, Aaron. But you can ‘Say my name!’ Just thinking about the 6 magical years on ‘BB’ with our great cast and crew. I miss you all, even those Heisenberg had to kill. Vince, you’re a genius and a wonderful human being. Thank you for the ride of our lives!”

Fellow actor Dean Norris also published a series of tweets fondly remembering the show.

“Breaking Bad” is widely regarded as one of the greatest TV series of all-time and won 16 Emmy Awards.

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