After six years of ups and down, of breakups and makeups, and more recently, drama involving a baby mama, Sam Swarek and Andy McNally are making it official. And no one’s more excited than Missy Peregrym and Ben Bass — the actors behind the betrothed couple.

“They’ve made it,” says Ben Bass. “And they’re going to live complicatedly, happily ever after.”

In true “Sam and Andy’ style, those complications arise before the couple can even say “I do.”  Missy Peregrym wouldn’t offer any spoilers when we visited the set of Sam and Andy’s wedding, only saying that Andy gets into a pickle, which could prevent her from getting to the church on time. “It’s just perfect “Andy’ because she just can’t not help someone. She has to get into a mess even on her wedding day.”

Weddings are emotional occasions and this one was no different  — even if it was a fake one.

“First of all I got stressed out like I was actually getting married,” explains Missy. “I can’t stand it when everyone stares at me. I can’t handle it. I can’t handle the attention and then I was afraid I was going to forget all of my lines.”

And speaking of those lines, Missy and Ben say exchanging Sam and Andy’s vows was meaningful for them, given they’ve worked together for so long. “I’m looking at Ben and we’ve actually been through a huge journey,” says Missy. “It’s surreal.” Ben agrees. “We’ve really grown together and we’ve grown a lot personally as well.”;

But ultimately Missy and Ben just hope the fans enjoy seeing McSwarek finally lock it down.

“It’s one of those things where you feel a lot of pressure to do a scene like this because it’s been six seasons leading up to this,” Missy explains. “There were some really significant obstacles,” says Ben of Sam and Andy’s journey, ” so hopefully the audience was able to stick with us through thick and thin, obstacle after obstacle.”