Avril Lavigne hasn’t released an album since 2013, but she continues to tease the impending release of her sixth studio album.

“I’m so f**king pumped. Waking up so excited. February is a great month,” Lavigne tweeted on Wednesday. “I’ve started mixing my album and all of the pieces are finally coming together. These songs are so close to my heart. Wish me luck while I throw every last drop of me into these final stages. Time is power.”

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Lavigne expressed how, “I needed this time. To live. To write. To go through my ups and downs. And while I am eager to get this done ha I’ve finally learned to enjoy the journey, the ride, the present time.”

Last month, a Twitter fan account shared a direct messaging conversation with the 33-year-old Canadian singer in which she confirmed the album is on the way, saying that it should be completed “by the end of February” and calling it “next level.”

Responding to another fan account on Twitter, Lavigne described the new album.

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Despite not putting out an album since 2013’s self-titled record, last fall her vocals were featured in the song “Wings Clipped” by the electronic duo Grey.