Ashley Judd Once Lost A Role For Refusing To Take Off Her Shirt During Screen Test

Ashley Judd is continuing to lead the charge toward gender equality in Hollywood, and recently shared a downright pathetic story of sexual harassment during her years as a young actress.

Speaking as part of a panel on diversity held during the Sundance Film Festival, Judd opened up abour her own experiences with the casting couch.

“Well first of all, my first audition yielded a screen test and I was asked to take my shirt off,” she told the audience at the panel, titled Univision Communications Behind the Camera: Where Diversity Begins.

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“It was between another woman and me, and I said that isn’t about our acting, that’s about evaluating a pair of breasts. And the answer was not ‘no’ but ‘hell no,’” continued the 49-year-old star.

Attending Sundance to promote her new film “Monster”, which centres around themes of sexual assault, Judd’s voice has been one of the loudest in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, and she explained why she continues to speak candidly about her own experience with sexual assault.

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“I understand it was never my shame and it was the perpetrator’s shamelessness which he put on me — and I’ve given that shame back to the perpetrator where it belongs,” she declared, adding that she’s willing to take the hits while pursuing a greater cause.

“I have to know the hill on which I’m willing to die,” she said. “And the hill on which I’m willing to die is equality, and if that means going to jail, being maligned, being defamed, having tremendous economic loss because I stood up to Harvey Weinstein — and it’s incalculable the amount of money I could have made that I didn’t — that’s the hill on which I’m willing to die.”



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