David Harbour isn’t just the breakout star of “Stranger Things” and “dad bod” sex symbol, he’s also quickly becoming Twitter’s king of retweets — and thanks to his retweet skills he”’ be heading to Antartica to “dance with penguins” aboard a Greenpeace vessel.

It all started back in October, when Harbour told a high school student he’d appear in her senior class photo if she could get 25,000 retweets. She did, and he did.

Then, in mid-January a bride-to-be asked Harbour how many retweets it would take for him to officiate her wedding. He asked for 125,000 — and it looks like he’ll be performing the ceremony.

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Harbour decided to up the ante by issuing a retweet challenge of his own by asking Greenpeace how many retweets it would take for the environmental organization to bring him “someplace to tell emperor penguin couples I think they have terrific parenting ideologies.”

It wasn’t long before Harbour received a response from Greenpeace, which agreed to his challenge — if he could manage to generate 200,000 retweets, that is.

This led the 42-year-old actor to enlist the power of the Twitterverse, asking fans to retweet like they’ve never retweeted before so he can “go dance with penguins.”

Less than five hours later…

Greenpeace was true to its word, tweeting to Harbour that he best “get your dancing shoes on, because you’ll be heading to the Antarctic in no time.”

True to its word, on Feb. 8 Harbour and girlfriend Alison Sudol boarded a Greenpeace ship in London, England, heading to Antarctica as ambassadors for Greepneace’s “Protect the Antarctic” campaign.

“Well, Greenpeace says the Weddell Sea and its surroundings are home to a precious ecosystem, vital to sustaining our future,” Harbour said in a press release. “And that there’s penguins there. And that I’ll get to waddle around with them, discuss their parenting techniques with them and yes, yes, dance with them. And that they’ll film it. And that if maybe I get enough support from everybody, they’ll gimme that video, so I can rent it out to you (be kind, rewind please).”

He added: “Those who think I don’t have the sea legs to cross the Drake Passage, nor the cojones to scare away a rogue fur seal in my way, nor the animal magnetism to attract a group of curious penguins… Look it’s not the smart money bet… I mean, I’ve been known to do stranger things (insert canned laughter here).”

Sudol, who portrays Queenie in “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”noted: “There is a massive movement to protect these waters, which provide invaluable refuge to marine wildlife, and I am thrilled to join Greenpeace as an Antarctic Ambassador! Not only do I get to shout about it everywhere I can, but I also get to put on my life jacket and long johns and go exploring.”

Harbour has already started documenting the journey so far on social media:

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