Jason Momoa Goes To ‘Water War’ With Jimmy Fallon

Jason Momoa is used to the water but Jimmy Fallon wanted to see just how much he could take.

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Appearing on “The Tonight Show” Monday, the “Aquaman” star played a game of “Water War”, a twist on the simple card game War, only whenever one player pulls the higher card they splash a glass of water in their opponent’s face.

Momoa started off with a series of losses, and Fallon hesitated to splash water in his face each time.

Finally, on the fourth try, Momoa pulled the high card and rather than splash the water, he poured it right on Fallon’s pants.

Eventually, Momoa got another high card and took the opportunity to splash Fallon’s face hard.

“Was there more water in your glass?” Fallon joked, spitting water out of his mouth. “I was basically slapped in the face with water.”

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Momoa then went on a roll, splashing so much water on Fallon that the host became completely soaked.

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