James Franco Accuser Says Actor Is ‘Absolutely Not A Harvey Weinstein,’ Discusses Sexual Misconduct Claims In First Televised Interview

Two women who have accused James Franco of sexual misconduct appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Tuesday to give their first televised interview.

Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Violet Paley, who both took to Twitter during the Golden Globes to hit out at the star for wearing a Time’s Up pin, spoke to Amy Robach about their stories, insisting they just want the actor to apologize.

A tearful Tither-Kaplan, 26, who was an acting student at the Studio4 Film School founded by Franco, explained: “James is absolutely not a Harvey Weinstein, he is not an unfeeling monster who has no sense of reality. He created exploitative environments for non-celebrity women on his sets, but I also think James is a talented and valuable person.

“It’s a pyramid, and at the top is rape and sexual violence, and at the bottom are the other abuses of power that when they continue to happen over and over [they end up creating] a culture that allows the most heinous examples of sexual violence and misogyny and discrimination to happen. So if we allow any of them, we allow all of them.”

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Tither-Kaplan added that Franco, 39, “exploited non-celebrity women under the guise of giving them opportunities.

“When I was a student in the master class he taught in L.A., called ‘Sex Scenes’, there were a lot of scenes that were added after we were given the original scripts that I wished I had more time to consider them or understand the artistic value of them. A lot of times they seemed gratuitous and exploitative.”

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Paley, 23, who continued to date Franco after she claimed she was pressured into giving him oral sex, explained: “I mean, I’m regretful, I was young. He was a celebrity I looked up to.”

The comments come after Franco addressed the allegations, insisting, “If I have done something wrong, I will fix it.” See more in the clip below:



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