The hosts of “The View” had plenty to say about Megyn Kelly’s attack on Jane Fonda.

NBC anchor Kelly has repeatedly been criticized for asking Fonda about her plastic surgery in a cringe-worthy September interview. On Monday’s episode of “Megyn Kelly Today”, the television personality went on the offensive with a three-minute thrashing of the 80-year-old actress.

“Honestly, she has no business lecturing anyone on what qualifies as offensive,” said Kelly. Well, Whoopi Goldberg stepped in on Tuesday’s episode of “The View” to say, “Nor do you, [Kelly.] Nor do you.”

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Kelly also brought up Fonda’s controversial take on the Vietnam War, which earned her the nickname of “Hanoi Jane.” But “The View” co-host Joy Behar thought Kelly’s criticism of Fonda was irrelevant.

“Wow. I mean, really? To drag the Vietnam War into a plastic surgery conversation is a real stretch, Megyn,” said Behar. “And also, why are people more angry with Jane Fonda about the Vietnam War than they are with Nixon and LBJ and people who lied about the war and sent boys as cannon fodder to an unjust and filthy war? It amazes me how you can put this on Jane.”

The show’s hosts questioned Kelly’s journalistic integrity, suggesting she had abandoned the ethics of journalism in favour of her televised feud with Fonda.

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And when Sunny Hostin mentioned, “It’s ‘Megyn Kelly Today’ and she is now the highest paid anchor at NBC,” the look of disbelief on Ann Curry’s face said it all.

“We’re supposed to be humble,” explained Curry. “We’re supposed to use whatever time we’re given to shine a light on other stories. I mean, there are so many stories that we’re not covering. And to take time with this is not journalism.”

Finally, in a moment that may add another element of controversy, Behar quipped, “Jane should have just said, ‘How much work have you had, b**ch?” Shortly after, Behar apologized for her crass statement: “I didn’t mean to call her a b**ch. I like her, actually. I’ve met her at parties. I like her… I think she’s struggling for a persona.”

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