TV Writers, Actors Are Sharing Their Salaries Anonymously Online

Television writers and actors have been sharing their salaries anonymously online, adding their information to a Google spreadsheet in order to help improve salary equity within the TV industry “by creating transparency within the community as to who exactly is being paid what,” reports IndieWire.

There are two spreadsheets (although only the writers’ spreadsheet remains public), in which TV  writers and actors list their salaries, and also seek information about whether the person who responded is male or female, or a person of colour, in addition to naming the studio for which they work.

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While most civilians assume that those working in TV make big bucks, that’s not always the case. In the writers’ spreadsheet, for example, salaries range widely, from an executive producer who earns $55,000 per episode to a writer’s assistant taking home just $500 a week.

Salary inequity between men and women is becoming a hot-button issue in Hollywood, which came to a head with the revelation that Mark Wahlberg raked in $1.5 million for acting in reshoots for “All the Money in the World” while co-star Michelle Williams reportedly earned a mere $80 per day; following the uproar, Wahlberg donated his entire $1.5M fee to Time’s Up.

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