Christina Applegate: I Ditched Brad Pitt For Another Guy

Christina Applegate got grilled and good when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live and underwent interrogation by host Andy Cohen during the show’s “Plead the Fifth”; segment.

First, Andy wanted to know if the Anchorman star ever went “swimming in the lady pool.”;

That means gone lesbian for a moment?”; Christina replied. “No, that’s not my cup of lady pond.”;

But the host was just getting warmed up. His next question: which of her male co-stars was the “most well-endowed?”;

“I have to plead the fifth on that one,”; she answered, flashing her wedding ring.

But Andy left the most awkward question for last: “In your files there was much talk of a date with Brad Pitt  to the MTV Movie Awards in 1989,”; he announced, adding that there were rumours that she ditched her date.

“You ditched him for another guy?”; asked Andy. “The question is, who was the guy you ditched Brad Pitt for?”;

Check out her terrified, tight-lipped (but hilarious) response:



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