A new movie trailer is making waves throughout the Internet, teasing Josh Duhamel as a man who uncovers a vast conspiracy that sees him pursued by creepy clowns and his clothing sabotaged with blood-red stains as he becomes engulfed in an obsession so powerful it threatens to derail his marriage — all because of the sinister efforts of “the burger people” to keep Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries from hungry consumers.

Feel free to go to the front of the classroom if you guessed that the trailer is for a fake movie — titled “Web of Fries” — that spoofs conspiracy thrillers. In the trailer, Duhamel’s life unravels when he gets too close to the truth when he starts snooping into why Taco Bell doesn’t sell fries.

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These are no garden-variety fries, mind you, but are coated in Mexican spices and dipped in gooey cheese sauce, a revelation that puts him under the microscope of the burger cartel.

It all becomes clear when he clandestinely meets with a “Deep Throat”-style whistleblower.

“Big fries have been riding the ketchup train for 50 years,” the shadowy figure intones. “Now you come poking around about Mexican spices, nacho cheese sauce. You’ve made someone very, very… salty.”

You can check out all the edge-of-your-seat action and nail-biting suspense in the “Web of Fries” trailer, above.