“Get Out” received four Oscar nominations — including nods for Best Actor and Best Director for Jordan Peele — but that doesn’t mean that everyone who appeared in the film received an invite to the ceremony.

That’s what “Get Out” star Lil Rel Howery revealed during his Thursday night appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, telling the host that he was surprised to find out he wasn’t important enough to attend when he asked where his tickets were.

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“We called and they’re looking for my ticket and they’re like, ‘Uh, you’re not in the first group,'” said Howery, who plays TSA officer Rod Williams in the allegorical horror flick. “The first tickets they give out, I’m not on that list!”

Kimmel, however, offered a solution.

“Listen, I’ll get you in, don’t worry,” he said, reminding Howery that “I’m the host of it. You had a big part in that movie. It’s not like you had a little scene.”

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“I know, it’s weird,” Howery said, adding that after making his call, “I went and YouTubed last year’s and counted both groups — the group that won and the group that thought they won. There was 20 people on that stage, so they get extra tickets!”

Just in case Kimmel bails, Howery revealed that he has a backup plan: an invite to the Oscar brunch hosted by JAY-Z.

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