Will Ferrell Heckles Jimmy Fallon With Ridiculous Comments While He Sings ‘Don’t Stop Believing’

Will Ferrell is not someone you want commenting on your singing, as Jimmy Fallon discovered.

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Fallon took the stage on Thursday’s “The Tonight Show” in character as a guy from the ’80s named Peter trying out his new song “Don’t Stop Believing”.

Sitting in the audience, Ferrell, dressed in a ridiculous costume and blonde wig, lobbed ridiculous questions and comments at almost every line in the song.

“Where does she live?” Ferrell asked when Fallon sang the famous opening line “Just a small town girl.”

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Ferrell kept the heckling going, asking hilarious questions like “Are some people born to sing the blues?” and “What are the people’s life-goals?”

The sketch ended with freeze-frame images of Ferrell and Fallon describing their surprising futures.



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