Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg were not above poking fun at the “Man of Steel” himself, Henry Cavill.

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Pegg, 47, shared a story on Friday night’s episode of “The Graham Norton Show” about working with Cruise and Cavill on the set of “Mission: Impossible Fallout”.

“We were shooting a car chase in Paris,” said Pegg. “Every time we finished the shot, we have to reset the shot [and] drive back to the start point and do it again. Henry has had enough of sitting in the cramped car… so he says ‘I’ll run back.’ We just drove next to him [humming the ‘Superman’ theme song.]”

But the small prank did not upset Cavill, in fact, he thoroughly enjoyed it. “It’s one of the coolest moments of my life,” Henry confessed. “Having Tom Cruise driving next you doing [the ‘Superman’ theme].”

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“Mission: Impossible Fallout will bust down theatre doors on July 27.

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