Amy Schumer was the first guest on the final week of The Daily Show, and Jon Stewart asked the Trainwreck star the question that is on the minds of everyone: what was up that that photo she posted on Instagram of her and Jennifer Lawrence riding a jetski together?

“Once a year, I go away with all my girlfriends from high school,” Amy explained on last night’s Daily Show. When she and her rowdy friends were banned from Martha’s Vineyard (a long story, she claimed), they wound up in the Hamptons.

She wound up inviting Jennifer Lawrence to join them on a boat trip, not for a moment thinking she’d actually accept.

“I was like, “Oh, we’re going on a boat tomorrow. You should come.’ It was kind of a hypothetical. And she was like, ‘I think I’m coming.'”;

As for the jetski photos, Amy admits she didn’t expect them to go as viral as they did, and also showed viewers some vacation photos that didn’t get posted online.

While gushing about how super-cool Jennifer Lawrence is, Amy also admits that gorgeous Hunger Games star is “the last person you want to be next too [in a photograph]… In all the pictures, I look like her coach.”;