Macaulay Culkin Reveals His Favourite ‘Home Alone’ Movie Plus More From His Reddit AMA

“Ask me anything,” declared Macaulay Culkin in his first Reddit AMA, and fans did just that, peppering the former child star with questions that he answered honestly and candidly.

Among the questions he tackled was one asking which of the “Home Alone” movies is his favourite. Answer: the first one, which he recalled being “more fun” than the New York-set sequel. “We didn’t know what we were walking into and it was a lot less flying all over the place; it was all in Chicago,” he said, adding: “Also it had 100 [per cent] less Trump.”

The future president’s brief cameo, he quipped, lasted for “like a half a second… I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how long he was literally on set for.”

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Would he be up for a “Home Alone” remake? “Only if it was set in the woods, a la ‘Rambo’,” he joked.

He also reminisced about his friendship with Michael Jackson, recalling the less-than-flattering nickname the King of Pop once gave him. “When I almost crashed my golf cart into his and he called me ‘Applehead,” recalled Culkin.

Asked to single out his biggest regret, Culkin said he didn’t really have one, but admitted that “most of my regrets involve women.”

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So what’s he up to these days? In addition to his new podcast (titled “Bunny Ears”), he revealed he’s taking a break from onscreen work.

“I love doing theatre — it’s my favourite form, however I’m not really perusing anything at the moment. Not looking for any gigs.”

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