Scott Baio Issues Statement, Is ‘Genuinely Appalled’ After Nicole Eggert Files Police Report Alleging Sexual Abuse

Nicole Eggert has filed a police report alleging that Scott Baio sexually abused her while they worked together on “Charles in Charge” when she was underage, accusing the former “Happy Days” star of molesting her when she was 14, 15 and 16, reports TMZ.

According to TMZ, LAPD detectives met with Eggert in the offices of her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, and spent two hours listening to the former “Baywatch” star detail her allegations against Baio.

Also in attendance was Adam Powell, who played her character’s younger brother on “Charles in Charge”, who reportedly told detectives that he witnessed some of the alleged abuse. In addition, Bloom provided detectives with a list of witnesses who claim they observed Baio exhibit “inappropriate behaviour” toward Eggert at the time.

TMZ’s sources say that detectives told Eggert they would investigate her accusations and make an attempt to interview Baio; however, since Eggert contends the alleged abuse took place between 1986 and 1990, “there’s a question as to whether the statute of limitations has run out.”

A rep for Baio told TMZ: “We’ve been demanding since last year that Nicole Eggert bring her story to the authorities. It’s good that she finally has, even if it’s part of a publicity campaign. Perhaps she can explain to them her ever-changing story.”

On Wednesday, Baio released the following statement to ET Canada: “We are genuinely appalled that Nicole Eggert continues to treat the police and the district attorney as though they are part of her personal publicity campaign. The various and ever changing charges made by her and Alexander Polinsky are false and baseless. We will look forward to a speedy and thorough investigation by law enforcement.”

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In a Jan. 30 interview  with “Megyn Kelly Today”, Nicole Eggert clarifyied her allegations of sexual abuse against her former co-star, chronicling the years of alleged sexual abuse she endured from Baio while she was a minor.

“I was very young and it was shocking, a little,” Eggert explains. “I had never experienced anything like that before either. So, he was playing not only on my emotions, but on my hormones and all of those things.”

Joined by her attorney, Lisa Bloom, for the interview, the former “Baywatch” star claims, “That happened quite often, through the age of 16.”

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She adds, “More than ten times, more like probably once a week. And then on set, there was just a lot of groping, a lot of fondling, a lot of pulling me on his lap, trying to sneak kisses in the back, which other cast members saw.”

When asked why she did not speak out earlier, Eggert says, “I wasn’t ready to tell my story and for me it was always protecting the show and protecting that whole legacy that nothing happened there. That was my delusion.”

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Baio previously denied Eggert’s allegations in a 16-minute Facebook Live video, where he claimed the pair had a consensual relationship after Eggert turned 18.

The actor also noted that Eggert should “go to the police,” rather than take to social media if she holds valid claims. “It’s just he-said, she-said,” he said.

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In response to Baio, Eggert alleged that she intends to file a claim with police officials, telling Kelly, “Be careful what you wish for.”

The conversation of Eggert’s alleged sexual abuse came to light following a cryptic tweet the actress wrote on Saturday, where she called Baio a “creep.”



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