Nicolas Cage Can Star In Every Movie Ever Made Thanks To New Machine-Learning Algorithm

One of Hollywood’s great almost-happened movies would have seen Nicolas Cage play Superman in a blockbuster directed by Tim Burton, but fans will have to be content with imagining what that spectacle would have looked like.

They won’t, however, have to imagine what the Superman flick “Man of Steel” would have looked like had Cage portrayed Lois Lane — thanks to a new machine-learning algorithm that has been “taught” how to place Cage in any movie.

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As the AV Club reports, new software called FakeApp uses an algorithm that can scan anyone’s face and upload it onto already existing videos — which led to people placing the visage of the “Ghost Rider” star into all manner of famous flicks.

For example, here’s Cage taking on Amy Adams’ role of Lois Lane in “Man of Steel”:

How about Cage, Nic Cage, playing the suave super-spy made famous by Sean Connery in “Dr. No”:

And check out this iconic scene from “Indiana Cage and the Temple of Doom”:

Finally, Cage steps in for Robert Patrick in “T2: Cagement Day”:

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