Fans are going wild over Zayn Malik’s cover for the February 2018 issue of Elle India.

The former One Direction star talks about his love for Bollywood movies and raves about his mom’s Indian cooking in the magazine’s new release.

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Malik, who is of British Pakistani, English, and Irish descent, shows off his trimmed facial hair and new mushroom-cut hairdo while rocking a white Tommy cricket jumper. The 25-year-old’s new issue marks the first time Malik has ever graced the cover of an Indian magazine.

Elle India‘s fashion editor Rahul Vijay said, “I kept the mood true to his rock ‘n’ roll personality and the choice of clothes was a mix of bomber jackets, denim, sharp suits and lots of prints and textures,” according to the publication.

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“I hadn’t heard his music before and I just knew of him as a pop star who was dating Gigi Hadid,” continued Vijay. “I would play his tracks in preparation for the shoot while doing call-ins. The white cricket sweater from Hilfiger Collection with the neck adjusted to show off his tattoos seemed like an appropriate cover image. It’s rock ’n’ roll – preppy.”

The editor relayed how Malik “loves Indian food and claims his mom makes the best Indian food around,” and how his favourite Bollywood actor is Shah Rukh Khan.