Keanu Reeves Does Amazing Motorcycle Stunt In New Super Bowl Ad

Keanu Reeves makes riding a motorcycle while standing on top of it look easy.

The “John Wick” actor is starring in a new Super Bowl ad for the website builder company Squarespace.

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Set to Will Powers’ 1983 song “Adventures in Success”, the ad features Keanu reciting the lyrics “make it happen” along with the song while standing atop a motorcycle barreling down a highway before sitting down and having the bike take off flying.

A link at the end of the ad reveals Reeves used the service to make a website for his business, Arch Motorcycles.

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Squarespace also released a companion video featuring Reeves sitting by a fire in the desert, explaining how to build a website. “The world will welcome your creation with open arms,” he says, before throwing his laptop into the fire.

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