Justin Bieber’s Latin Grammy For ‘Despacito’ Sent To Somebody Else By Mistake

Whoever was handling the mail duties at the Latin Grammy Awards made a Bieber-sized boo-boo that’s causing much mockery on social media.

Producer Carlos Escalona Cruz — who produced Marc Anthony’s “Marc Anthony for Babies” — made the revelation when he posted an Instagram photo shortly after he opened a box which he assumed contained the Latin Grammy he won for producing Anthony’s album, and instead pulled out the Latin Grammy that was supposed to have been sent to Justin Bieber for “Despacito”.

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“This is the funniest way to start #2018,” Cruz wrote in the caption of the pic, in which he displays Bieber’s award. “I was expecting a #Grammy for @marcanthony for babies and I received @justinbieber Grammy for #despacito remix with @Luisfonsi and @daddyyankee instead.”

Bieber has yet to comment on the trophy mix-up; presumably, when he gets around to opening his mail he just may find Cruz’s Latin Grammy waiting for him instead of his own.

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