While “The Mindy Project” ended its run last year, star/creator Mindy Kaling will soon have another show hitting the air: “Champions”, a new half-hour sitcom coming to NBC in March.

Co-created by Kaling and Charlie Grandy, “Champions” follows the comedy adventures of a washed-up high school basketball star named Vince (Anders Holm, “Workaholics”) who took over running his family’s gym in Brooklyn alongside his brother Matthew (Andy Favreau).

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Vince’s life is turned upside down when he receives a visit from an ex-girlfriend (Kaling, who doesn’t star but will have a recurring role) with a big surprise in tow: their 15-year-old son Michael (J.J. Totah), whom she’s been raising by herself in Cleveland. She announces that he’ll be moving in with Vince so he can attend a prestigious performing arts academy in New York City.

“Rigid and old school, Vince has virtually nothing in common with his son, and in addition to balancing unruly employees and his sensitive brother’s smothering love, he must now learn to become a dad,” reads the NBC synopsis. “Meanwhile, Matthew has always longed for a more complete home life, so when Michael shows up, it fills the nephew-sized hole in his heart and frees him to become the homemaker he was always meant to be.”

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“Champions” debuts on Thursday, March 8. Watch the teaser — shared by Kaling on Instagram — below:

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