Lisa Kudrow Mocks Lindsay Lohan For Saying She Wants To Star In ‘The Comeback’: ‘They Think It’s A Reality Show’

Lisa Kudrow addressed the recent Twitter chain about a possible third season of “The Comeback” when she appeared on Wednesday’s “The Late Late Show”.

The series of messages bizarrely involved Lindsay Lohan, 31, who responded to say “I’ll do it!” earlier this month in a now-deleted tweet, after Billy Eichner, 39, said he wants another season of the HBO show.

Host James Corden, 39, then asked Kudrow, 54, about it Wednesday. She replied: “He [Eichner] wants to see [her character] Valerie get woke. And I agree.”

She added of Lohan’s tweet, “I thought that was interesting because, No. 1 it’s my show, but also… someone in our office said that… her representative called and pitched her, and he was pretty sure they thought it was a reality show. And I thought, How is that possible?

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Kudrow went on to say of her character: “If they think it’s a reality show, why am I wearing a red wig and calling myself Valerie Cherish? And why would I be on a reality show called ‘The Comeback’? That’s the whole humiliating joke. Why would I do that?”

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Fellow “Late Late Show” guest Martin Short then chipped in, “There’s a chance she doesn’t have the top people.”

“The Comeback” made its debut back in 2005 and lasted one season before being revived in 2014. The series tells the tale of a B-list sitcom star desperate to revive her career.

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